AGS 10

Boring-inserting machine for bush and/or pins for turned and not-turned parts

AGS 10 is a combined machine, which carries out simultaneously the works of boring and setting of the bushings or threaded pins directly in the wood piece.

The basic machine has a simple built functional structure: it’s very fast in the works, simple as regards the tools and very reliable.

The basic AGS 10 can be used also only as boring machine: it provides the loading of the wood piece and the setting of the iron fittings by hand, while the work cycle is automatic.

AGS10 AGS10_02 AGS10_01

Technical specifications:
  • Max loading length 900 mm
  • Max diameter of the screws and/or bushings 14 mm
  • Motor of boring unity 2,2 Kw – 3 HP
  • Rotation speed of boring chuck 5600 rpm
  • Shank stroke of  boring unity 100 mm
  • Motor of screwing unity 1,2 Kw-1,5 HP
  • Rotation speed of screwing chuck 680/900 rpm
  • Shank stroke of screwing unity 100 mm
  • Working:
    • pneumatic logica
    • electropneumatic
    • PLC