TBK 70

Single-spindle automatic lathe suitable for wood processing of medium/high speed production of medium/small items

The TBK 70 has been built to extend the Genini range of machines and fits between the MINIAUTOMAT bar lathe for small items and the ROTOUR 100 rotatory lathe.

The TBK 70 is a highly flexible and fast machine; its main feature is its ease of use and the extremely short tooling times. Suitable for producing even short runs.

TBK-70TBK-70 TBK-70

Technical specifications:
  • Output square 45x140 mm (approx. 10 pcs/min – 600 pcs/h, with 2 roughing tools – 1 finishing tool – 2 tenons/dowels)
  • Max workable block 70x70 mm
  • Min workable block 20x20 mm
  • Max workable length 300 mm
  • Min workable length 25 mm
  • Spindle motor power 5,5 HP (3,5 Kw)
  • Pump motor power 2  HP(1,5 Kw)