JUNIOR 25-30

Lathe for small parts with clamp for round bar

JUNIOR 25-30 is a fully automatic lathe  and it has been specially studied for high and very high productions.

The work is effected using rod,even with different lengths, and previously drawn.

The very simple system with a keyboard allows to change the working cycle of the units over a very few seconds, and the oleopneumatic functioning ensures a constant production without downtime, even under the most demanding conditions.

By adjusting in succession the single units working times it's possible to carry out complete working cycles in less than three seconds.

Every single unit is fitted with an independent adjustment, both mechanical and of progress.

The loader, of a new innovative design, can load from the minimum to the maximum diameter without any adjustments.


Technical specifications:
  • Max collet diameter 25 mm
  • Min workable diameter 4 mm
  • Max workable length 100 mm
  • Maximum loadable rod length 600 (400) mm
  • Spindle motor power 3 HP
  • Spindle speed 3600-4600-5800 rpm
  • Pump motor power 2 HP
  • Net weight 1100 kg
  • Clamp diameter 25-30 mm.