TTC 180

Automatic single-spindle lathe for woodworking ideal for small/medium output of medium/large and large items

TTC 180 has been built to satisfy modern needs for highly diversified, difficult production, even in small lots.

The range of sizes that the TTC 180 can machine were, until now, only possible with very large and costly copier lathes. This machine fills a gap where no other specific machine exists.

TTC 180 is a machine built to satisfy the specific needs for flexibility, ease of use, versatile programming and user-friendly interface.

TTC-180TTC-180 TTC-180

Technical specifications:
  • Max loading square 170x170 mm
  • Min loading square 20x20 mm
  • Max loading length 300 (500) mm
  • Min loading length 25 mm
  • Spindle motor power 5,5 (7,5) Kw
  • Pump motor power 1,1 Kw