Lathe for frontal woodworking with hydraulic units manually controlled

HIDROFRONT SM is a lathe with manual loading and unloading.

The machine is equipped with:

  • one frontal device to rough or cylinder;
  • one hydraulic copying finishing device;
  • one lateral unit to rough;
  • one lateral hydraulic copying device.

The first two devices are assembled on a transversal carriage with longitudinal movement.
The copying units are equipped with a quick change toolhoder, while a semiautomatic device permits several cycles.

The standard machine setup provide: spindle locking piece by orifice, vacuum pump with safety tank, central lubrication, spindle brake.


Technical specifications:
  • Maximum turning diameter 400 mm
  • Minimum diameter with vacuum spindle 80 mm
  • Maximum workpiece thickness 160 mm
  • 2-speed mandrel motor 5,5-6,5 HP
  • Mandrel speed 1050/1800/2100/2650/3600/5300 rpm
  • Double pump motor 2 HP
  • Overall size and net weight LxWxH 2100x1050x1900 mm - 1100 Kg
  • Packing size and gross weight LxWxH 1850x1550x2020 mm - 1350 Kg