Milling machine for table legs

This machine makes it really easy and quick for you to make slots in table legs (or other items of various shapes and sizes).

It's especially suited to creating “T” slots (as well as other shapes) and the corresponding opening 90˚ with a flat base, and all in a single work cycle.

There are no limits to the shape of the legs: square, round or rectangular. And always securely held by the workpiece vice.

The machine is a fully automatic and uses hydraulic movement, while the work cycle (including all the function controls) is managed by an eletronic PLC connected to a keyboard for programming the work cycle.


Technical specifications:
  • Main spindle 6000 rpm
  • Lateral milling cutter shaft 7000 rpm
  • Spindle motor 4 HP - 2800 rpm
  • Milling cutter motor 1,5 HP - 2800 rpm
  • Pump motor 1,5 HP - 1400 rpm
  • Low voltage electric controls and safety devices
  • Hydraulic carriage movement with one-way controls
  • Pneumatic griping of the workpiece with pressure control
  • Choice of 2 work cycles on standard machines (short/long)
  • Approximate cycle time (short cycle) 6-8 sec
  • Approximate cycle time (long cycle) 10-15 sec
  • Transverse stroke 250 mm
  • Longitudinal stroke 150 mm