Used machine – Buy and Control Service

Often, very often, the clients after buying a used machine on the used market, contact us asking for copies of manuals, hyraulic schemes .. electrical, perhaps because the used machine bought, does not work, has problems ! Even, other clients aks us tools, equipment, pieces and also machine parts missing. So, the machine is UNUSABLE!

Our company Genini machines, for years has specialized in the offer of used machines, in particular for woodturning. For the reasons described above, we have created for used machines, the service “Buy & Control”. Only with “Buy & Control” you can have constant information on the used machine you bought from Genini machines :

  • With e-mail for the general information;
  • With photographs show the machine, in the conditions in which he lives and works during the agreed revision or even cleaning or working;
  • With videos to show your machine working, before shipment.

With this service of “Buy & Control” , operation and machine productivity are guaranteed.

Machine as it is
Disassembly machine
Drum head tailstock
Bearings and various small parts
Reassembling machine
Manuals and diagrams
Finished machine

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