The lathe mod. TBK 70

The TBK 70 lathe is built on past experience.

This is why the TBK 70 is the lathe for present day and the near future.

The TBK 70 manufactures all your items quickly and precisely.

It is the lathe for third parties and manufacturers.

For certain types of production, the TBK 70 is the alternative to the multi-spindle rotary lathe (Rotour 100).

It is reliable – flexible – complete.

The specific software is simple to use, intuitive, according to the logical thing to do.

The TBK70 is a completely automatic lathe, particularly suitable for the production of pieces with medium-small dimensions, such as handles, knobs, brushes, drapery items, coils, spindles…

The main characteristics are: precision, speed, flexibility, reliability, high quality components, ease and speed of equipping times.


The TBK 70 comes with all the units necessary to equip the machine as suitably as possible.

To work with the most suitable unit for your needs.


The available work units are:

  • the spindle with variable speed from 1000 to 6000 rotations;
  • spindle brake in cycle;
  • 3 roughing units (gouges) or alternatively two roughing units + lathe rest (for small diameters with diameter-length ratio over 10).
  • A finisher tool support unit.
  • Two tool support units for tenons (plugs) or roughing tools.
  • Cycle programming via keyboard with measurement programming and intervention time programming of each unit.
  • Two stage loader.
  • Piece clamping collet during loading, to speed up piece loading.
  • Safety pneumatic ejector.
  • Tailstock in cycle, synchronised and timed with the loader and roughing unit start-up.
  • Safety limit switch.
  • Protective guard.
  • Extractor hoods.
  • Machined pieces evacuation conveyor.


Examples of production 

TBK 70_02




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